Our History


Time and time again God revealed His plan to Sarel & Thiesa van der Merwe — to create an oasis; a place of healing.
The Beginning
They started ministering to broken people with Jesus’ healing in 1984. The ministry became known in Kempton Park as the Oasis Church. In the early years the Holy Spirit took them through a time of schooling and preparation. Hundreds of people came to be healed from emotional pain and to be freed from demonic influences.
Theologos School of Ministry
During the next six years one of the most successful crisis centres in South Africa started taking shape. So many people were in need of professional counselling. It became clear that there was a great need professionally trained Christian counsellors. The Institute for Christian Counselling, later called Theologos School of Ministry, was started with this purpose in mind. During the next 10 years more than 6000 people were trained in basic Christian counselling.
Oasis Christian Church
In January 1996 Oasis Church was established in Kempton Park and, in time, became one of the most influential churches in South Africa, demonstrating the healing power and discipleship of Jesus Christ. It developed into a dynamic fellowship of  committed born again Christians with a drastic impact on the community in which we live.
Discipleship groups, called FRIENDS GROUPS, are the basic building blocks of the church. In discipleship groups the members are edified as they care for one another through their spiritual gifts and by actively supporting each other. Members are nurtured, equipped to serve, and spiritually edified in the discipleship groups. Discipleship groups are small communities where believers are called to be accountable to each other and where they can be totally transparent to one another.
Advantages of discipleship groups for you:
  • You experience abundance of love
  • Acceleration of spiritual growth
  • You build wonderful friendship relationships
  • You discover your ministry
  • You develop your spiritual gifts
  • You develop your leadership qualities
  • You get the opportunity to help broken people through ministry
  • Your relationship with God becomes a practical experience