Our worship to God is a lifestyle, we choose to worship Him in all and through all circumstances. This freedom re-invites us naturally into worship, and our minds and our lives become transformed, abiding with Him and celebrating with Him, meeting with Him, that we are no longer conformed to this world but become transformed in a place of worship.

A lifestyle of prayer is a fundamental part of every member at Oasis and determines the future of this ministry. Prayer is the key to revival! Prayer is the way to Jesus and to the Father’s Heart!

At Oasis we have a vibrant family who love to Fellowship, so why not enjoy amazing coffee while we’re at it?We have a group of passionate people coming together to serve our family with amazing coffee and sometimes treats… We are not in the coffee business serving people, we are in the people business serving coffee!


Do you want to get healed spirit, soul and body & learn how to disciple people. Learn how to move in the Spirit and do the same works as Jesus did. Join our Theologos School of Ministry and start today!

Oasis Christian School

Our School is open for 2022 registrations! Visit our website now for more information

At the heart of our toddler ministry we strive to bring teachings and activities that will excite them and help them learn in a fun way that they can understand.

We have a dynamic group of lay-down lovers who bring amazing teachings to your kids to help grow our world changers.

Our Youth leaders bring Word-foundation teachings each Sunday, in our mission to help grow a generation of passionate sold-out sons and daughters ARISE!

Through this ministry we want to strengthen, encourage, comfort and edify each believer. We want to help the unbelievers have a divine encounter with Abba.

We have an array of books on various topics just waiting for you!

If God is creative, and we are made in His image, WE are Creative! Our purpose is to worship God through the act of painting or drawing to convey a message to the bigger family or specific individuals. We make the images God shows us come to life on paper or canvas.

S.W.A.T. is a mobile team of Prayer Warriors, who obey God’s commands when He says: “Move now!”. We go out and minister in houses, businesses and areas, ministering not only to the place but to the people as well.

We use different techniques in counselling to heal the body, soul and spirit. Healing for relationships and vision is an overflow from personal restoration. Jesus healed people and declared them WHOLE!

Why not be prepared for your marriage by the best program and people? Because we believe the Church and world desperately need an expression of successful marriages, we offer a life-changing preparation course.

Dancing in and with the Holy Spirit! The dance ministry focuses on using movement, flags and ribbons to enter into a place of Praise and Worship. When we dance it becomes a prophetic declaration and in this the dance will minister to the people as the dance movement will display God’s Heart.

We are partnered with IRIS Ministries and their bases, we support them financially as well as providing lodging, transport and purchasing of goods.

Presence of God

At Oasis we desire for God’s presence to be with us always and to know the ways of God.

Praise & Worship

Our worship to God is a lifestyle, we choose to worship Him in and through all circumstances.


All true Honour originates from the heart, we strive to get to the ultimate level of Honour, to treat others as we would Jesus.

Apostolic Household

Oasis as an Apostolic Household is “Apostolic” in that it submits (through relationship) to Apostolic grace gifted leaders, allowing this fundamental gift to establish God’s order in this Family.

Word in Season

We present our family with Holy Spirit anointed and inspired Word ministry, also called Apostolic Doctrine.

Family of Love

We have a lifestyle culture of caring for one another. We believe love is a verb, and we demonstrate love for each other by honouring one another, sharing in personal involvement of each other’s needs, joy’s, crisis and victories.

Holy Spirit Encounters

We believe in the visible demonstration of the Holy Spirit and His power. We strive to operate as effortlessly in the power of the Holy Spirit as Jesus did.

Healing & Counselling

Your health and wholeness is important to us, just as much as it is to you and even more so to God. Jesus gave us the means to access this. God wants to heal us body, soul and spirit.


We believe in Generosity, Stewardship and 3 fold giving. This is the more EXCELLENT way of giving!

Pastoral Care

We are a family of Commitment and Covenant, we have family Tribes where we are cared for under Pastoral Leaders.

Healthy Families

We love to see families thriving and living in the function as God has intended for them, representing Him on this earth in fullness and Godly order.

Kingdom Now

We believe in the increase and overtaking of the Kingdom of God, to live in the peace, joy and righteousness of the Holy Spirit and to see His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.


“Love this church, in fact it feels more like family! Relevant Word and equipping sons and daughters of the Kingdom, beautiful Worship… and the best part to me is real encounter with the Father heart of God.”

Bonnie-Jean Masson

“I was part of Oasis in 1999. I am still in contact with Oasis = feeling as part of a large family. I am fortunate to view every Sunday on Life Streaming the Service from New Zealand where I am for the last 12 yrs. I can be a partner and going to enrol in the Discipleship course this year = will pray for Oasis, Pastor Sarel and Thiesa. You will not leave empty every time you attend the services. You will leave blessed and with fulfilment of the Holy Spirit and be equipped for your life.”

Marius Keyser

“It is great to be part of such a great family. Thanks to Sarel and Thiesa our spiritual parents for the guidance. When hungry, we know that we can just listen to the Oasis sermons and get our spiritual fill.”

Eugene Kraamwinkel